Friday, August 28, 2015

Picnic Table in Black and White

I haven't worked in black and white for quite awhile, so it is enjoyable to join up with This Weekend in Black and White.   This table sits in a little park beside a highway in La Grande, Oregon.  The drought and extended heat this summer has dried out all the tall grass and weeds in this little space.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Be Still #32 -- Change the Background

For Week 32 of Be Still_52, we were to set up a still life and play with different backgrounds.  Although I used a tripod, I rearranged the scene before switching the background.  That affected my focal length, but it was too late when I discovered it. Achieving a moody look seemed natural.  (I prefer the dark background with these items...and I LOVE my new hydrangea plant.)  

Monday, August 24, 2015

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday #34

Photography is a pain in the neck!   Literally.  I started seeing a chiropractor last week for a miserable stiff neck and tight upper back.  When the doctor asked me what might have caused it, I said I didn't know.  "Stress?" he asked.  I laughed. After all, I'm starting my 13th year of retirement from teaching school. Two days later, I had an answer for him: photography.  It came to me when I was working on some still life images, items on a relatively low table in front of the only window I use for light.  I was bent over, looking through the viewfinder when it struck me:  this is what is causing my neck issues!   And I can now remember when it started.  It was July 31, when I spent 20 minutes craning my neck backwards to photograph the Blue Moon.  Three treatments later, I'm still not totally loosened up, but I'm thinking carefully about my posture when I use my camera, and I'm working out a plan to raise the table used for my still life shots.

Joining in with Kent Weakley's P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday. 

Outdoor Seating

My husband and I took a drive about an hour from our house so I could visit a gallery featuring the work of a photographer I know only online.   The gallery is also a "chocolateria" so we enjoyed a chocolate granita after our time with the photos.   Then we wandered a bit in the town established in the mid-1800's.   I love the wide streets that allow easy photography of the great old buildings.  A handful of eating places have outdoor seating during the summer.  In one case, the seating extends to a side street.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Still Sitting Alone

I "discovered" this old Ford pickup 5 years ago by accident.  It's more than 25 miles from my home, but when I cross the mountains, I often take the dead end road just to visit--and photograph it again. In the summer, the grass grows all around it and I have to trek through scratchy weeds. Only once have I been able to find it when there was snow; its location is on the "milder" side of the mountain, so snow there doesn't last very long.  (The "snow" version is here.)

Monday, August 17, 2015

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday #33

I'm halfway through a year-long class working with still life.  This past week's assignment was "hanging bottles."  My work involved hanging bottles inside and outside.  This is my favorite.
Joining with Kent Weakley's P52 and Sweet Shot Tuesday.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Wire Gate

I love gates of all types, and because I live in a rural area, I see many gates that open into farm fields.  Often, the gates are made of wire. Sometimes, they have wooden posts as stabilizers, but some don't need them.   Such is the situation with this gate.  It's a combination of woven wire and barbed wire, and when opened, it's just tossed to one side.  In this case, the gate was opened to allow farm equipment into a field for harvest.