Monday, March 18, 2019

Week #11 P52

As I've said before, I love winter landscapes, but I'm collecting too many snow-covered trees and snow-covered mountains and valleys.  However an early morning recent quick drive only a few miles from home resulted in some really icy images.  I can't decide between my two favorite ones, so I'll post both.  When I have my photobook printed at the end of the year, I will choose---or just print both!  By next week, I plan to have a photo from the west side of the state, where we'll be visiting our only grandchild (and her parents, of course!) for a few days.

The top one features frost-covered sprinkler wheel lines. The frost looks like sugar.

The second photo is of elk tracks wandering through one field ...and across a road into the field beyond.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Week #10 P52

My blog is suffering...from too much snow, I think.  I LOVE winter landscapes, but this is ridiculous.  It's March 10...supposedly, Spring  will arrive in 11 days.  I am convinced that the new season will eventually appear, but there is a lot of snow that must melt before then.  (Weather forecast does say that we might have 60-degree temperatures in about 10 days.  That's much better than the 6-degree mornings and 32-degree days.)

My choice for this week's photo is a combination of the snow and a warm-blooded creature: a "town deer" bedded down with 5 other deer behind a snow berm across the street on a church lawn. When I "chirped" at them, she peeked over the snowbank.  The blue spruce is a shelter of sorts for the deer, and since there is absolutely no feed available because of the snow, the branches have even served as lunch.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Week #9 P52

I'm in the stage of buying flowers regularly, just so I can create floral still life images.  Still surrounded by feet of snow (our town has experienced a total of 68.9 inches of snow this winter), I have run out of ideas for snow photos.  As is my case, I am limited in my indoor photography too...very little space with natural light.  Grocery store flowers can be beautiful. (Note that the book is an antique I bought -- it's a book of Blue Laws!)

Monday, February 25, 2019

Week #8 P52

This is the valley of my home for 43 years. It's called "Indian Valley," and is bordered on the south by the huge Grande Ronde Valley (in the background).  That mountain that sits on the border between the two valleys is called Mt. Harris, which is more than 5000 feet in elevation.  The lower elevation to the right of Mt. Harris is Pumpkin Ridge.

The only town in Indian Valley is Elgin, population 1750.  It is located at the left center below Mt. Harris. To the west and north are the Blue Mountains which are part of the Umatilla National Forest.  (I have photographed this scene other times in other seasons.)  

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

In the Neighborhood

I live in a rural town...two blocks from my back door is "countryside."  There's a big, boggy pasture where four horses were once kept.  They were all 18 to 20 years old, and during the summer they pulled the Elgin Stampede stagecoach in a handful of parades and rodeos.  This winter, however, they were replaced by some strange looking newcomers: Scottish Highland cattle.  This is a small herd of 4 cows and 1 bull. Ian is the bull and Calypso is the "blonde" cow...they came with names because they are registered. 

The first time I photographed them was on a 26-degree day in November.  The second was last week during a snow storm that was more like a snow globe experience.  Huge flakes fell so rapidly.  My lens was fast enough to capture the flakes...if I changed the speed, my photos were streaked. 

These cattle were obviously bred for harsh winters; they are right at home in the weather we've been having this month.  The cows won't calve until late spring, and I can hardly wait!  Highland calves are small and fuzzy.  They'll be perfect subjects for my camera. 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Week #7 P52

I bought myself two dozen roses at the local grocery story ...they were there for Valentine's Day and I couldn't resist.  Then I photographed them out in the snow...first on the deck and then out in the snow of the yard.  I didn't really achieve the effect I wanted, but the roses are beautiful.  The is my choice for Week 7 of  P52 for 2019.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Leap Lane

Leap Lane is a "back way" from Wallowa to Enterprise...through the countryside.  I believe the road must be generally parallel to Hwy 82, but it's definitely rural.  I've always wanted to drive it during the winter; I decided it was rather boring because of the wide open fields of snow!  My car had to have a serious wash when we finished.

 This is the road...frozen snow and mud
 Single pine trees dotted the first part of the lane
 One of the prettiest corners...the road runs through trees

 That road again!

About 10 head of mule deer were bedded down in a teasel patch

This old pickup was shot full of holes years ago; it's the most photographed scene on Leap Lane
So much space and covered in snow.