Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What a Month!

There is no way I can post all the images I would like to share about the last two weeks of May, but I've chosen representative ones.  This all happened on our 12-day trip to New York--Brooklyn, to be exact--to visit our oldest son and his fiancee. It was definitely an experience to remember.

The biggest event of all was the surprise wedding of our son at St. Ann's Warehouse, beneath the Brooklyn Bridge.  We thought we were going to a play! Minutes after this photo, high wind and heavy rain descended on the small wedding party.  
 My favorite bridge

Our two sons at the reception in Queens 

Our three visits to Brooklyn always included viewing the Brooklyn Collective...amazing street art

 Our son lived in the Bushwick neighborhood for 10 years; we stayed in an Airbnb in Bushwick

Entrance to our Airbnb in Bushwick 

 Little Skips -- morning coffee and cookie every day

 Our son, who is chef at a restaurant in the Lower East Side, took us on a quick-paced tour of that amazing location where immigration shaped the area..and New York City.  This is Chinatown. 

 Little Italy borders Chinatown. I had my first cannoli here!

Our new daughter-in-law works as a fit model in Farmington, Long Island; after her work, we drove east through the Hamptons to Montauk, the easternmost point of Long Island on the Atlantic Ocean. 

Another afternoon trip was to Coney Island, an hour-long trip by train. We had a hot dog at Nathan's and deep dish pizza later.  

The boardwalk on Coney Island is wide and clean. 

One of my favorite locations is the Brooklyn side of the East River, looking into Manhattan (World Trade Center #1 aka Freedom Tower is the tallest building.) The newlyweds were our drivers. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Why We Drive Across the State

I have mentioned several times about driving from east to west in Oregon...because our youngest son, his wife, and our only grandchild live on the west side.  Ava Maeve is now one year old, and we just don't see her enough.  😊

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Another Round Trip Across Oregon

Our only granddaughter turned 1 on April 10, so we made the trek to the "west side" again.  On the way back, we drove a portion of the Historic Columbia River Highway, always my favorite. Before we took that old highway at Mosier, we sailed past Multnomah Falls, but it was packed on a Monday, so I didn't want to stop.  Beautiful drive both ways...we just wish Hillsboro could be closer.
The ubiquitous wind towers lining the Washington horizon above the Columbia River
 Bighorn rams photographed at 70 mph from the car

 Portland has beautiful flowering trees, many of which line the streets.
 Magnolias were starting to bloom in Hillsboro
 Fascinating variety of growth on a tree limb
 Metal creature on Main Street in Hillsboro
 A most interesting combination of tenants
 Multnomah Falls, plunging from a mountain charred by the devastating Eagle Creek Fire of 2017
 View of Columbia upriver and I-84 East from Rowena Crest Overlook
 The famed Rowena Crest horseshoe highway
 Bighorn rams bedded down in the afternoon; we actually backed up on the freeway for this shot!
 Bighorn ewes look really rough this time of year.
The Boardman tree farm, now in small sections since the land was sold for other agricultural use.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Living in the Country

There are many times that I complain about living so far from "anything" here in NE Oregon, but when I'm on a drive into the country any direction from my house, I admit that I love being able to access this part of Oregon.  Narrow dirt and gravel roads turn into narrower single lanes bordered by a variety of evergreen trees and wire fencing.  Spring is late this year...because winter was late, so the countryside is just now starting to green up.  This post features photos I took on a short drive this week, traveling just 16 miles round-trip from our back door.

Monday, March 19, 2018

That Sky!

I really don't have a series of photos for a blog post yet, but this image is one I took on our way back up the Columbia Gorge last weekend (after another trip to do some "grandbaby duty" in Hillsboro while baby's daddy/our son was in NYC for work and mama could use some back-up). The weather was "iffy" but the clouds were spectacular.  This was taken through the windshield from the passenger side of the car...wind towers on the Washington side of the Columbia River, dwarfed by that immense cloud-filled sky.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Winter Arrived...the last weeks of February

Snow at Christmas and that was it.  Temperatures in early February reached 50 degrees a couple of days. Then the cold moved in.  And then the snow came: the first day, we got 10 inches of the white stuff; the second day, the wind brought more snow.  It's good for the mountains, because that's our water during the summer months.  And I had to see what it looked like because a snow landscape has become my favorite.  I don't enjoy being out in the snow, but I love looking at all the scenes.  All of the following photographs were taken no more than 6 feet from the car, and many were taken from the car.  (Hwy 204 is known as the Tollgate Highway over the Blue Mountains from Elgin to Spout Springs...and on to Weston and Pendleton or to Walla Walla.)

Friday, February 16, 2018

Winter Clouds

There has been a serious lack of snow in this area this winter.  We had about 6 inches at Christmas time here in the valley, with more in the mountains. But that was it. Then rain came and recently caused a serious snow melt in the mountains, as well.  70 inches of snow soon became 40 on the summit.  But this week, we had snow again, only  3 inches or so down low.  The skies then cleared and the clouds were glorious, all of them crowning the surrounding mountains of the Grande Ronde Valley. 

 7000 ft. Mount Fanny (SE end of valley)

 6000 ft Mount Emily (west side) 
 5000 ft. Mount Harris (NE end) 
 Mount Fanny 
                                                                        Mount Harris