Saturday, November 9, 2019

Week #44 - P52

The days have been drab and colorless...dry cold at night...frost in the morning.  Because of a hip issue, I just haven't felt like getting out, but I'm already two weeks behind with P52.   I'm always attracted to leaves that are hanging on after all the others have long gone.  

Monday, November 4, 2019

Oregon's Historic Highway 30 ---with a "painterly" eye

From Troutdale, just east of Portland, Highway 30 runs along the mountains above the Columbia River and above I-84, the only west-east freeway in the state.   It twists and turns and provides a beautiful view of the area.  I was able to photograph fall along the highway, only to discover my photos were all "soft."  I blame it on a new lens I use, which has disappointed me with focusing from the beginning.  So I chose some of my favorite views and edited them with Topaz's Impression 2, a "paint" effect.  I can capture the color but not the details, unfortunately.

The view west 

 The view east

 Looking into Washington state across the Columbia
 Latourelle Falls
 Beautiful bridge work at Latourelle Falls
Most of the old highway features these wonderful white wooden guardrails.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Week #43 - P52

This is the reason we travel for 5 hours from east to west at least every month, and sometimes more often, depending upon when our son travels and we can help our daughter-in-law, who works as a child therapist.  Ava Maeve is 2 1/2 in this photo; she is a ginger-haired character whose emotions are "big" and right on the surface.  She has always had difficulty sleeping through the night; how that she's out of her crib, it means she gets up in the night to go to her parents' room.  Daddy takes her back to her room and almost always ends up sleeping the rest of the night with her.  Now there is a full-size memory foam bed with a little teepee at the head.  The foam mattress is not just for Ava Maeve!

Along the Way

It's a drive I make frequently: 15 miles to the Wallowa County line and then on east and south to Wallowa Lake, with stops at Wallowa, Enterprise, and Joseph.  And then home again through the canyon shared with the Wallowa River (many refer to it as the Minam Canyon, but the Minam River joins the Wallowa  at the start of the canyon).   The photos in this post start at the southernmost point of the trip: Wallowa Lake.

     The streets of Joseph are beautiful in the fall (before the wind came); all are shades of red and orange.

    The red street trees in Joseph are my favorite, and the leaves make colorful piles in the gutters.

     A look back at the edge of the valley where I grew up.
                             Pine trees on a hill in the Wallowa Canyon.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Week #42 - P52

This is one of those serendipitous photos...I was totally surprised to find it, not that I was looking for it.  In fact, we were driving through my hometown on the way back from a day in the county where I grew up and where I love to visit often (it's only 25-55 miles from where I have lived for 45 years).  Anyway, on our way through Wallowa, I caught sight of this...immediately told my driver/husband to turn right and go around "the block" so I could see it again.  It's a building I knew in my childhood as the office of the local Justice of the Peace.  I'm pretty certain it's been empty for a very long time.  But there it was...that tan stucco exterior and those blue windows--all draped over by wild branches and faded leaves. I loved it!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Week #41 - P52

I have looked everywhere in this area for tiny white pumpkins, which were in abundance last year but nowhere to be found this fall.  I did find these "tiger striped" ones, which I paired with persimmons for this FALL image. (It involved standing on a chair .  :-)  )

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Views on the Mountain and Week #40 of P52

Looking through the 40 images I've selected for my 2019 Photo Book, I see several landscape images; it's simply a natural choice, considering where I live.  My latest sightseeing trip was on another mountain road...this one paved because it's a primary Forest Service road.  We turned around 20 miles in, at the end of the pavement.  Although fall colors aren't all showing yet, there are berries and red bushes to break up the standard green and blue.

Week #40