Monday, October 27, 2014

Texture Tuesday with a Twist of Lime

Kim Klassen dot com

Joining in with Kim Klassen's Texture TuesdayI had to find something "different" to photograph indoors, and I had walked by a crate of limes in the grocery store two or three different times before finally picking some out to bring home.  Linking up also with Kristy's Texture Twist.

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Project 52 2014 #44

I drove several miles around and up out of our valley one foggy morning, anticipating some foggy images.  When it came down to choosing one for my Project 52 book, however, it wasn't a foggy one at all.  I'm a country girl, and this photo speaks to me:  country scenery, barbed wire, and colorful lichen on the old fence post.  I'm adding this image to Kent Weakley's Project 52 and Sweet Shot Tuesday.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fabulous Fog

Love the foggy mornings that last for awhile (I'm not generally an early-riser!)....and when the fog is especially thick in areas I can reach easily, I'm thrilled. Over the past two years, I've photographed these trees several times in all seasons.  They are at the site of an old homestead on Golding Road, which is out on Cricket Flat, an expansive space above and northeast of the valley where our town is located.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Colors of Fall

A collection of some images featuring the beautiful fall colors. The first five photos were taken on the regional university campus; the last photo was taken after the first hard rain of fall this week. All were shot with my 85mm prime lens....I'm in love with it after letting it sit for at least a year.

Remnants of Snow Clouds in Black and White

A recent trip east and south into neighboring Idaho provided amazing scenery, not the least of which was a rain/snow storm above the impressive Elkhorn Mountains in Oregon.  On the trip back in early evening, I could see the clouds were still stacked high above the mountain peaks.(The highest mountain in this range is more than 9000 feet tall.). I'm joining with The Weekend in Black and White.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Two Kinds of Eastern Oregon

People who live on the west side of Oregon often believe that Eastern Oregon is just a desert.  Part of that is true, but here in the NE corner, we have amazing mountains and forests. They're "dry," when compared to the rainy forests on the west, but they are truly beautiful.  On a 3-hour drive to Idaho, I witnessed a fabulous range of landscapes..from the small valley I live in, through the neighboring Grande Ronde Valley, and to the wide open Baker Valley, before climbing up to the amazing desert landscapes crossing into Idaho.

There was a rain and snow storm over the Elkhorn Mountains to the west of Baker Valley

On the floor of Baker Valley, fall foliage is blazing. 

This could be Idaho or Oregon

This must be the Snake River which runs south-north not far from here and forms the border between Oregon and Idaho

Rolling dry hills

Back in the Baker Valley with the Wallowa Mountains to the east at sunset

West of the Baker Valley, the sun sets in clouds above the Elkhorn Mountains

Monday, October 20, 2014

Texture Tuesday with a favorite color

Although blue, red, and purple are really my favorite colors,  this wonderful sea-green is so appealing to me.  The vintage canning jar is one of those that gradually turned that color over the years.  I also like the grunge texture from Kim Klassen and am linking up with her Texture Tuesday.

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