Saturday, January 4, 2020

Week #52 - P52 Completed!

A dramatic sundown seems to be a good way to end my Photo Project 52 of 2019---a week late.  Winter hasn't been very forceful yet this year. We've had hints of snow and lots of rain.  It's cold and windy and dark.  This past week, I could see that there were pretty horizons with clouds and lots of color, so we drove up and out of the valley to Cricket Flat, where I could pick any horizon I desired.
Now I can order the photo book.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Week #51 - P52

Winding down the Project 52 for 2019 (already into 2020), I visited some of my favorite trees...the Golding Trees.  At least 3 of these are walnut trees, a fact I didn't realize until several years after I started photographing them.  The trees are located on the Golding homestead, where waves of naturalized daffodils bloom in the spring.  If we had snow one would expect in late December, the tree silhouettes would be even more dramatic.  As it is, I've chosen this image for Week 51 of my year-long project.  Hopefully, I will locate another good subject this week to finish the 52nd week.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Week #50 - P52

The town I live in is located in Indian Valley (actually the only "town" in the valley)in the northern end of Union County.  Just a few miles to the south, the Grande Ronde Valley begins and Mt. Harris is the 5000+ ft mountain to the east. It's really quite close and accessible by narrow road.  Those of us who live here see Mt. Harris in all seasons and lights, with and without fog, clouds, and fresh snow.  (Mt. Harris has been featured in 3 additional choices this year, here, here, and here.)

Monday, December 23, 2019

Week #49 - P52

I'm feeling rushed..because I'm behind on P52, and there are only two weeks left in the year.  Surgeries just threw a monkey wrench in life, in general, and definitely with photography.

For Week 49, I've chosen a simple, common everyday piece of nature in NE Oregon: the teasel.  This time of year is their pretty phase, in my opinion.   I added some texture to the image of three prickly ones.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Week #48 - P52

It's too easy to get behind on these posts.  A hip injury that will require replacement...a little incident of breast cancer ... and all of a sudden, I'm weeks behind!  However, I'm powering through: one surgery is behind me and the other is still two weeks away.  All at Christmas time!  Speaking of Christmas, I've chosen my Christmas tree for the 48th week of this year's P52.  It's an artificial tree, at least three years old.  It's an electronic marvel with pre-strung lights that change color with the click of a remote control. 

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Week #47 - P52

This is one of my favorite go-to locations, just one mile from our back door.  It's Clark's Creek, which starts up in the hills and runs into the Grande Ronde River, just half a mile from this point. I stand on the bridge and aim my camera west.  Most of the time, whatever the season, I record an image that pleases me.  There is something special about a winter scene, though.  This was taken the morning after the first snow of the season; we had another day of snow, but it's no deeper than 2 inches.   (I have a set of photos in my Dec. 24 2015 post; just click on "Clark's Creek" in the labels under the post.)

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Week #46 - P52

I long ago lost count of the times I've photographed these aspens, which grow on private property 15 miles north.  One family owned the land for several decades, a family with four children who all grew into wonderful, talented, successful adults.  Mom and Dad moved "to town" two years ago to be closer to medical care.  I don't know who bought the land, but I hope they let this grove of aspens continue to flourish in a corner of their property.  I will continue to call them the "Insko Aspens."