Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Lovely Photo...on Wednesday

Hannah Nicole invites photographers to share "Lovely Photo Wednesday"  on her blog, Aspire.  For my own lovely photo today, I've chosen a resident of a planter beside my front walk.   September is almost over, daytime temperatures are in the 60's, and it's dropping into the 30's at night.....but my unusual variety of African daisy is still putting out new blooms.    Hopefully, a warm spell will extend their season.   Each day, I'm so happy I found the plants in a nursery 200 miles away and decided I just had to bring them home!


Anonymous said...

Well, that is one gorgeous and very unusual plant!! I'm glad you bought it, too. It provided a beautiful photo op, which you took advantage of. Wonderful shot. Denise B.

Mama Monkey said...

beautiful color!!!