Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Macro--- Saturday Flowers

                                                          Hot Pink!

"Macro Flower Pictures" is  Maia T.'s blog in Romania that provides an opportunity for flower photographs on "Macro Flowers Saturday."  I love any excuse for taking macro photographs of flowers!  As fall moves into the mountains of NE Oregon, the flowers will be fading fast, and hard frosts will soon take their toll.   However, I discovered a surprise on a photo walk in our rural cemetery: flowers that I recognized as members of the family of sweet peas.   Some internet research identified them as "Everlasting Peas," which often grow wild near agricultural fields.  This plant is growing up through the fall foliage of a peony plant. (click on photos for closer views)

A single bud

Pink curves


maiaT said...

Wildflowers are still beautiful and we still have a month of autumn.
Your photos are amazing, you've managed to keep this beautiful color of the flowers in the photos.

Welcome to Macro Flowers Saturday and thanks for sharing this beauty!

justine said...

I love the rain drops on them as well, fantastic colours.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Wow! these are just beautiful. The petals look so delicate yet filled with detail. Wonderful captures.

Linnea said...

Such vivid pink colors! These are really pretty flowers. Nice find. Thanks for visiting my post!

Rosie leavesnbloom said...

I have an everlasting sweetpea the same colour as this flowering in my garden just now aswell. Lovely shots.