Thursday, September 30, 2010

Simple Pleasures on Thursday

"A Collection of This and That" celebrates simple pleasures each Thursday with a  "Simple Pleasures" photo challenge, an opportunity to stop and think about those little things that we might take for granted but which give us pleasure.  Today, I'm celebrating two new bird feeders---unusual and beautiful.   They're made of crushed glass in beautiful turquoise and teal colors.  One will hold black thistle seed and the other will be filled with black oil sunflower seeds   I know the goldfinches who feed all winter and spring outside my window will look especially striking against these colors!  (a click on the photo will give you a closer look)


Dayle said...

Welcome to Simple Pleasures, Evelyn. It's a joy to see you and what gorgeous bird feeders! I have never seen anything like them. I love this party, because people like you help open my eyes even more to so many simple pleasures around us. This is a perfect post. Thanks so much for linking up.

A Hopeful Heart said...

Hi, I'm visiting from the Simple Pleasures party. This is my first visit to your blog.

Those bird feeders are, indeed, beautiful. During the gray, dreary days of winter, you will have some brightness and color. How wonderful is that!!

Have a lovely day,
Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

Karen said...

I enlarged the photo and they are gorgeous! I too love feeding the birds in the winter. Guess I'm nosey, where did you find the beauties?
Joining you at Simple Pleasures.
Karen @ Places of my Heart.

sarah said...

I love birds and these feeders are really nice. The birds will feel like royalty

Debbie said...

I'm visiting from simple pleasures too. I love your bird feeders and clicked to enlarge them to see them even better.

They are beautiful!! Watching birds play up against them would be a pure delight!