Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bokeh ...with effort

I love bokeh...I envy bokeh photos...and I envy those who create beautiful bokeh shots!  I am such a long way from figuring the technique out, though.  Darcy is having a Holiday Bokeh Party on her blog.  There are links to so many beautiful bokeh shots, but my experimentations haven't resulted in much.  I just can't ignore the challenge, though.  (I did discover that my blue LED lights create strange 'blob' shapes instead of circles!)
Here are my best shots.  I'm still hoping that I can photograph bokeh with a beautiful focused image in the foreground ...some day!

Blue LED lights form strange shapes

Red mini-lights on a string

This string of blue LED lights is intertwined with white mini lights

White mini lights on the is one of the ever-changing fiber optics


Michelle said...

Oh, while I love the blue in the first one, the bokeh in the last is awesome! You'll get there with more practice!

Mom of M&Ms said...

beautiful... Well done!

Laura said...

So much fun!!

Rosie said...

Beautiful, Evelyn! The red ones are my favourites!

Joni said...

love the different colors!

Barbara said...

Love the blue and white, and that last shot - gorgeous,

Lizzi said...

I really love those blue shots!

Domain said...

As I'm going to all these links, I'm starting to be able to discriminate the LEDs from the regular ol' strands.

I think it may be easier with the older lights.

But that blue is divine!