Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 4 of P52

Mt. Harris is always there.....named for a settler in the Grande Ronde Valley (I live north of this location just over a ridge in Indian Valley).  I've added it to Darcy's P52 challenge for Week #4.  This is a photo I took while driving...a habit that drives my husband nuts!    I've explained that digital cameras make it easy.....I used to do it with film cameras!

Recently, a retired professor at Eastern Oregon University noted that the Grande Ronde Valley is the second-largest mountain-enclosed valley in the world.  The largest one is located in Mexico.  The location of this highway isn't even half the width of the massive valley.
(click photo for a better view)


Rosie said...

What an impressive landscape! I love the blue tones and the vastness - beautiful photo, Evelyn! And thanks for the background, too, very interesting!

Anne U said...

What a great landscape shot, the sky looks so pretty.

lisa said...

This is beautiful Evelyn!!

kbreints said...

Simply Beautiful. :)

Small City Scenes said...

Excellent!!! MB