Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My odd Creative Exchange

It has to be the time of year, but I'm having a terrible time finding photo-worthy images to shoot.  Even a 30-minute drive today yielded only 6 shots, and 3 of them were of the same barn.   However, in the snow along the side of the road, the persistent teasel stalks stand out against the dingy white.  Most are upright, but some are not, as this reclining one indicates.    I'm always trying for the perfect teasel shot, and maybe some day, I'll get it.
(Processed with textures and colors in PSE)     I'm linking up with Lisa's Creative Exchange.

(As of 2/3/2011, I erased some of the texture on the teasel heads---I love what I've learned from Kim!)


lisa said...

I really like this photograph Evelyn! The simplicity of it is lovely.
It is getting a bit difficult to find much to photograph outdoors here also. We have so much snow right now, that even tall wintered-over weeds are not completely covered.

Thank you so much for sharing this today at the Creative Exchange!

Have a wonderful evening!


Carletta said...

I fell in love with the teasel shots I saw posted around last year and like you I'd love to get a really good shot - someday.
But, I love what you have done with this shot!
I'm only beginning to learn textures and I love this with the title.
Very nicely done!

***Icy BC said...

I can relate to what you're saying about finding worthy to shoot..It's dull here.

I like the photo you have here, and of the barn too.

Anonymous said...

I really like this, both the texture and subtle colour.
I know just what you mean about finding things to photograph at this time of the year. It's awfully tempting for me to fall back on photographing my cats! ...Again!!

Pat said...

This is a lovely image! I like the shadows on the snow.

Small City Scenes said...

I like the looks of Teasal and the blossoms in summer are very pretty.

I feel the same as you about not many photo ops or is it just the winter grays. (Not even blues). MB

Rosie said...

This is lovely, Evelyn! I love your processing! And I totally relate to what you are saying - I'm having difficulties, as well!

Henrietta said...

I know the feeling, here has not been light like for month and everything is under snow. I have started to buy flower to home that I have something colorful and also something to shoot.
Anyway you did find something and I like the photo a lot:)

Kristy said...

Very cool! Love the subject, shadows, and texture!

Charlene said...

I think teasel shots are fun because of their obvious texture. You did a wonderful job processing this shot!

Claire said...

You know, I've passed by this site a million times and didn't see the beauty. Gorgeous picture!

Anonymous said...

Artistic and very it!

SouthernSass said...

I love the shot and the processing. Textures are such fun!