Friday, March 11, 2011

Before and After

Kristy of "Life-n-Reflection" often issues a little invitation/challenge to try something she has just illustrated on her blog.   I decided to try it.  Her "Cinema" is a delightful still life of sheets of music, a stack of books, a container of eggs, and a vintage movie camera.   My choice is a fencepost covered in green moss.  The background was snow-covered.

I'm also linking up with the Before and After blog hop on Pixel Perfect.

1. Add "Shelter" as overlay with 88% opacity. (Kristy's Thunderstorm collection)
2. Gradient fill with radial, soft light     (PhotoShop Elements 8)


Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

What a difference!

jo©o said...

Moss I reckon.
Lichen is never so fluffy and usually silvery grey.

Lesley said...

Fantastic results!
Your blog is great, so glad to have " met" you :)

Kristy said...

Evelyn, this is perfect!
What a unique find snow and moss! I love the warmth and depth the texture added!

Laurie said...

Ooh, those are lovely. I've always been partial to mossy fenceposts...:)

Just Bits and Pieces said...

Beautiful edit!!!!!

Louisiana Belle said...

Beautiful photos--love the tones on the second one. Great job!