Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunshine on the house flag!

The sun came out today and it stayed most of the day.  That's a welcome change from the previous weeks and months of this very long winter.  I took a photo drive on the weekend, but my images were scruffy dead grass, rusty barbed wire, and dead weeds.  They just didn't work for Creative Exchange, which is Lisa's beautiful blog opportunity to share "photos from the heart."  Thank you, Lisa!

After a short trip out of the house, I returned and noticed my new house flag flapping in the breeze and the sunshine.  I put the flag of bright potted geraniums on the pole a few days ago, replacing one of the many winter-themed ones I have.  I love putting up a new flag!


texwisgirl said...

very pretty! :)

lisa said...

Thank you so much for your kind words Evelyn!
They are truly appreciated.
It surely looks like spring at your house!!
Love this flag!

Barbara said...

So pretty! Geraniums are one of my favorites!

Louisiana Belle said...

Love your flag, Evelyn! A great way to welcome Spring!

Pat said...

That's one beautiful way to dress up you house! Nice photo, Evelyn!

Linda Makiej said...

This is really great!! The light coming down from the top is so pretty Evelyn!! :)

gina said...

Very pretty! That flag is welcoming Spring!

Vintagesouthernlife said...

Very pretty... geraniums say warm weather is here.

jo©o said...

I missed this one.
A house-flag! Now that is an original phenomenon.
Brilliant idea. Is it your invention or more widespread?
Do you have a collection of them?
Are they for sale, or home made?
I am so intrigued.