Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flowers for Photo Friday

It's only Thursday here, but Tricia's "Photo Feature Friday #7" event has already attracted a great number of participants. I'm glad I decided to check in tonight.

I've chosen one of the many dogwood images I recorded across the mountains in SE Washington state. I'm going to grow red dogwood shrubs, but they don't flower the way these beautiful trees do.

(Visitors have indicated an interest in the process I followed here.    Below this image, I have the original photo; I removed the brown edges with the spot healing brush tool in PSE and lightened the image slightly.   Then I applied Lo-Fi oldachrome, crisp, portrait {always 3 in Lo-Fi: a color, a texture, and a frame}, which is the second image.  I then used Kim Klassen's recipe for her "not too shabby" texture, which is 2 layers of the texture at soft light and different opacities, a curves adjustment, and a new blank layer---although I really didn't see any difference with that.  That resulted in my final image.)

Kim Klassen's recipe for Not Too Shabby texture applied here
original photo
spot healing and cloning plus brightening
Lo-Fi application alters color, focus and framing
(this image wasn't "corrected" before Lo-Fi)


jo©o said...

Oh how delicious.
That will have to be Sunday Best as well.
And creative exchange.
Hope you will divulge the recipe for this concoction.Just perfect.
(I think I will take up crochet now, and give up on my textures.)

Nancy said...

Beautiful, Evelyn! Our flowering trees and shrubs are all done for the season, so I'm glad to be able to enjoy yours. :)

julie - eab designs said...

Gorgeous dogwoods! Our Virginia dogwoods were particularly beautiful this year and the blossoms were so abundant. They always peak on my daughter's birthday which I've told her since she was little that it was her gift.

texwisgirl said...

exquisite beauty. i like the white ones best.

Kristy said...

Beautiful soft focus!

jo©o said...

You've got mail!

Louisiana Belle said...

Since visiting Portland, dogwood has become my absolute favorite tree! The blooms are so amazing. Well done with this photo. Thank you for sharing your process. :)

lisa said...

Such a beautiful photograph, and fantastic processing Evelyn!!
Thank you for sharing what you did. said...

It's a gorgeous photo ~ you're very talented.

Happy Memorial Day!


Shabbyfufu said...

Lovely dogwood, which I l enjoy seeing as we don't have that in South Florida!

A Rosy Note said...

Those dogwood blossoms are so pretty Evelyn! I love the processing of your really focuses the eye toward that one flower. Thanks for sharing your post at Photo Feature Friday. Hope you're having a good weekend :)