Monday, May 16, 2011

Texture Twist just in time

For some reason, I am having trouble keeping up with my favorite challenges.  Kristy's Weekend Texture Twist on her Life-n-Reflection blog is one of my favorites...Tuesday is the last day...and here it is, Monday night!

My choice is the tiny blossom of Candy Tuft, the evergreen plant that fills an old whiskey (or wine) barrel at the back of my house.  The deer love this plant, and they prune it every winter; I am happy if it blooms again in late May.  Today was another rainy day, and I captured little round drops of water in the photo.  I've used Kristy's textures for the 'twist' -- Leather and Shelter (2 layers of each)


Stampmouse said...

very pretty

Rosie said...

This is really beautiful, Evelyn! I love the fresh green and white colours!

lisa said...

This is beautiful Evelyn!
Wonderful softness and simplicity.
I was late too. did not get mine there til today!! Crazy week!

Kristy said...

The little raindrop is so cute! I'm you didn't miss the Texture Twist!! It wouldn't be the same without you!