Friday, June 17, 2011

Daisies in a Twist

These daisies 'volunteer' each summer in some unexpected places.  But they are pretty while they bloom.  For this week's Texture Twist on Kristy's Life-n-Reflection blog, I've added two layers of Kristy's Sparks Cool and two layers of Kiwi.  Finally, I applied a Lo-Fi process for a little grunge and a frame.


jocodeane said...

Hiya Evelyn,

Just in case you are interested in becoming more at ease with making mouse-over doubles for your before and after editing pix, I made a [rather nice even if I say so myself :-)] tutorial []
Come take a look.

Your big daisy in the middle really lets the light shine through.

Henrietta said...

Evelyn that is so beautiful and so perfect with texture,stunning work.

texwisgirl said...

i like the shot from underneath. :)

Life-n-Reflection said...

Wow, very cool. I love the the frame and texture!
Thanks for sharing your Texture Twist!!!

Bonnie said...

Evelyn! You have created a beautiful piece of art here. Bravo!!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

The light here is incredible! Love the edit you did, too.