Friday, June 10, 2011

A Jump on Weekend Texture Twist

Kristy has a new "home" for Life-n-Reflection, a beautiful new blog!   Her weekend Texture Twist doesn't post until Saturday, but I'm leaving for a weekend trip in just a couple of hours.   I decided to post on my blog, at least, but I won't be able to link up until Sunday night or Monday morning.   (Kristy posted for me, and I've updated the link to the Texture Twist entries.)

This image is of blossoms on the Spirea shrub/bush that's been next to our house for all of the 33 years we've lived here...and many more before that.   It doesn't bloom in profusion, by any standard, but we're going to try to see what cutting it to the ground this fall will do for it next year.

Kristy's textures used on this photo:  2 layers of Antique Cool (soft light at 100% opacity, and multiply at 100% with some erasure on the flowers) and 1 of Morning Mist (soft light at 100% with some erasure).  I added the mirrored frame and text in Picnik.


Life-n-Reflection said...

You always surprise with your combination of textures! Gorgeous - I love the added text too!

Barb said...


A Rosy Note said...

Very pretty Evelyn! I hope you have a good weekend :)

Henrietta said...

Sweet little flowers, the bush must bee beautiful.

DAYS said...

Very pretty combination of foreground and background interest.