Friday, July 8, 2011

Texture, texture...which one(s) should I use?

Having learned about layers and textures and other good things in Kim Klassen's 10-day free course, I have become addicted to adding textures to my photos....and trying to take photos that will benefit from a texture or two.  Today on Shutter Sisters, we're invited to post a recently textured image.   This bleeding heart just cries out for photographs...and textures.    After adjusting some hue and saturation, I've used Kim's Breakfree and Framed White textures.


lisa said...

Love what you did with this Evelyn.
It is really beautiful, and I love the simplicity of it.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Rose Petal Hollow said...

Beautiful, I love what you did with the photo. I found Kim's textures recently and I love playing with them.

tw3 said...

I'm thinking Braque ....
He would have been proud to produce a painting looking like this.
Know what?
It might become totally un-floral by taking the pendant bit off the bottom of the flower.
[just my texture-twisted-point of view]

missing moments said...

Very nice texture .. gives a beautiful effect!