Friday, June 28, 2013

Random 5 Friday

It's time for Nancy's Random 5 Friday meme:  

1. One of the most peaceful things I've done recently was visit the local cemetery on the hill early today.  Of course, I took my camera.

2. I missed the super moon last week because of clouds, but the half-moon is up there in a clear sky at 7:30 in the morning.

3. The heat wave forecast for our area starts today, after 10 days of cool, very wet weather.  It's supposed to be 102 by Tuesday, with 90+ degree days in between.

4. I've completed 5 of the 125 thank-you cards I'm creating for our youngest son's wedding in mid-August. They involve stamping, diecuts, and punched trim.

5. I've started seeing a chiropractor for some kind of issue in my back next to my left shoulder blade.Not only does feel like a "catch," but when I work on the computer, it feels as if ants are crawling from my elbow up the back of my arm.


TexWisGirl said...

only 120 cards to go! yikes! you are going to need a chiro appt! :)

Cindy D. said...

125 cards???? I'd send one giant text! LOL
Actually that is a lot of work, and it is no wonder you need an adjustment. Its the little things like that which make us hurt.

Mary said...

Yep, we Oregonians missed the big moon. But it was beautiful a couple of nights afterward too. Actually, it's always lovely. I can feel the coming heat already at just about 10 am.

Maggid said...

Beautiful Photograph.

I hope the cemetery visit was simply for the Peace of it all -

Your thank You Notes sound like a true work of art.

Looking again at your photo - I think YOU must be a work of art in Expression.

Dotti said...

Oh, my! Sounds like ergonomic related problems with your computer setup. Hope you figure it out soon. Sometimes it's so hard to find the setup that works, no two people are alike. Good luck with the chiropractor and the 125 cards. Yikes!

Rosie Grey said...

Oh wow, Evelyn, 125 cards - I guess I couldn't even finish one!
I'n sorry to hear about your back pain - I do hope the chiropractor can help! Have a wonderful weekend, Evelyn!

Bridget Larsen said...

I missed the large moon to because of clouds.
I think I'll take our cold than your heat.
LOL you have a long way to go with those thank you cards. Cant wait to see them.
Those ants probably mean your nerve is being pinched somewhere, hope you find out what it is so you can fix it and get painfree

sherrygaley said...

Hoping you can find some relief to your pain...That's a heck of a lot of cards to do by hand. Yikes is right!

Ramble Ann said...

I am curious about your location. We are putting our home up for sale and then will venture north from California.I have a son in WA. Take care and I hope you get relief from back pain.

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

The photo of the moon in the morning sky is beautiful!

Stay cool in the heat. It has gotten quite hot and humid here (Virginia) too. I think we're entering the dog days of summer.

That's a lot of cards!

Good luck with the chiropracter. I hope he/she can provide you with quick relief!

Sharon said...

How sweet of you to make thank you notes for the wedding. Wow -- you are an inspiration! And I also think cemeteries make for fascinating photos!

Jim said...

Hi Evelyn ~~ Mrs. Jim had good results from the chiropractor she went to. It was her back. But then too she went to a regular doctor in London (UK) and he fixed her up just as good with meds.
Neither time though did she have bugs or feelings of them.

I am sorry you missed the super moon. It was as big as a harvest moon an brighter. Of course our Texas moon is to brag of!!!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Good luck with the cards Evelyn -- I'd help you if we lived closer. Take care of yourself!

cocopaws said...

The window's are open now in hopes of capturing some of the morning coldness...which I don't think is going to last long! I hope the chiropractor helps, I go in to see one in 2 weeks, left side of neck! Stay cool! said...

Hope the chiro helps and good luck with those cards.

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

wish you well on your "thank you" cards ... I remember those days when we got married ... that was fun to look back & recall the fun times. ( :

Daryl said...

your chiro issue sounds like a pinched nerve, get yourself another chair, you arent sitting properly and something is getting pinched! you're welcome :)