Saturday, August 10, 2013

August Break - Day 10

(Skipped Day 9)

The August Break 2013

Today's suggested prompt:  Red

Because these might be totally foreign to most of my blog readers, I am providing an explanation.  These are horse "boots,"  designed to protect the "ankle" and hooves of horses used in arena events, such as today's team roping.   The photo below shows the horse in action. Pink, blue, black and brown leather were also in use.  


Michelle said...

Interesting and thank you for the explanation!

Anonymous said...

Great rodeo action shot!

Anne Payne said...

Great action shot! I love watching a rodeo. I've only ever seen one on TV though. In person must be so exciting!

Candy C. said...

Great action shot! Hubby's horse has boring black boots. LOL!!