Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mt. Hood and Lenten Roses

A recent visit to Portland, Oregon allowed us to go to Washington Park, situated in the hills above the city.According to Wikipedia, Washington Park is a public urban park that includes a zoo, forestry museum, arboretum, children's museum, rose test garden, Japanese garden, amphitheatre, memorials, archery range, tennis courts, soccer field, picnic areas, playgrounds, public art and many acres of wild forest with miles of trails.  It covers more than 410 acres on mostly steep, wooded hillsides.  It is wonderful location to view the majestic Mt. Hood across the city to the east.

In the rose garden and amphitheatre, only the helleborus (Lenten Roses) were blooming.  We were just days away from spring flowering.


R. Mac Wheeler said...


Gail Dixon said...

Never heard of a Lenten Rose. How beautiful! Love the image of Mt. Hood. My daughter can see it from her office window. Lucky girl!

Candy C. said...

Neat shot of the mountain across the city! I love those Lenten roses. I don't think I've ever seen them before. :)

Lisa Gordon said...

I just love this view, Evelyn, and I love those Lenten Roses too. Ours are still covered in snow, but soon we will see them, I hope.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ida said...

Fantastic view of Mt. Hood, you were lucky to catch it on a clear day. The Lenten Roses are pretty, I like the pink one. Our next door neighbor has one but it's the white variety.

Anonymous said...

Mount Hood WOW what a view but the last photo is my favorite today -- my goodness so pretty and the photo shot is perfect..