Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fabulous Fog

Love the foggy mornings that last for awhile (I'm not generally an early-riser!)....and when the fog is especially thick in areas I can reach easily, I'm thrilled. Over the past two years, I've photographed these trees several times in all seasons.  They are at the site of an old homestead on Golding Road, which is out on Cricket Flat, an expansive space above and northeast of the valley where our town is located.


Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

That's a million dollar photo!

TexWisGirl said...

that's marvelous! love the leading fence line, too!

Sarah Bettey (HoodPhoto) said...

I love fog too, and this is GORGEOUS! So pretty!!!

you-wee because said...

Thanks for nothing, Evelyn!!! ;-)

The German synonym is: "Danke für die Blumen / Thanks for the flowers" (I didn't expect to get from you) - I didn't expect to get such a compliment from you. But of course I was delighted... ;-)
I like your autumnal fog picture very much. And also you other fall photos are full of atmosphere! Here in Germany our fall isn't well advanced, we had the warmest October ever with unusual high average temperatures! So most of the foliage is still green; step by step some of the trees and bushes color their leaves to golden and red. But most of the Germany are happy not to have any chilly days with frost or cold rain so far.
All the best from good old Europe!

Sigi said...

A perfect photo.
many greetings

Chelsea said...

so super gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

wow!!! This looks like it should be in a magazine or on a postcard.