Friday, February 27, 2015

Random 5 Friday

It was a delight to open my e-mail this morning and find a message announcing "Random 5 Friday" on  A Rural Journal. For a minute, I thought an old post had somehow popped up--but I soon realized it was truly Nancy in Nebraska.  She has been on blog-hiatus for many months, and I missed her.  Welcome back, Nancy, even if it's only on Fridays!

My random contributions:

Our (I also have four siblings) elderly mother died in August, one day after her 94th birthday.  It ended three years of road trips we had taken within the two counties in NE Oregon--trips she always delighted in, even if we had driven a particular road many times before.

The eldest of our two sons returned in June from 3 months in the Basque country of Spain, where he had worked in an unusual world-class restaurant.  He's back in Brooklyn and now executive chef of a club restaurant on the Lower East Side.

We spent Thanksgiving on the Oregon Coast with our sons, daughter-in-law, and our DIL's family.

I've begun a year-long course in still life photography with Kim Klassen.  I have a "studio" on a chair by a narrow east-facing window in the extra bedroom, and on a folding table on the back porch.  I'm always looking for props now.

I'm still babysitting my great-niece, Kennedy, who turned 6 in December and is in kindergarten. I generally pick her up after school two days a week.


Nancy said...

Hi Evelyn! So nice to catch up with you. So sorry to hear about your mom. I remember your posts about your adventures across Oregon. xo

Ida said...

I know it was exciting to have Nancy back with R5F.
Again I am sorry about the loss of your mom and I know you cherish all those special drives you made together.
Wow your son is a Chef, that's pretty cool.
Your Still Life is wonderful. I wish someday to take some of Kim's courses but need the $ to purchase the photo editing programs. You do a great job with them.
I bet it's fun to babysit your great-niece. They are so cute and fun at that age.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Fun to have a glimpse into your life on the other side of the country! The picture is gorgeous!