Friday, March 6, 2015

Random 5 Friday

I tend to be very random, so Random 5 Friday should be easy for me!  It isn't.  But random I will be for Nancy's Random 5 Friday.

1.  Today was the first day I didn't feel guilty about enjoying the sunshine and temperatures above 50!  I'm a farm girl, and I know that this part of the country NEEDS winter, including snow and cold weather.  We haven't had it this year---just about 10 days of snow at Christmas.   But today, it's the first week of March, and I know it's nearing the official "spring."  

2. Today was also a FroYo day with my three youngest great-nieces.  We drove to "town" to enjoy that frozen dessert and some of the too-many toppings to increase the weight on the scale at the cash register.  I love this time with these girls, ages 5, 10, and 12.  

3. This morning, my youngest brother stopped by with a few hundred dollars in cash---it was my "heir share" of the sale of my late mother's trusty Dodge Caravan.  It was a bittersweet memory of my independent mother who lost her driving rights at 93 when she had some kind of "spell" and her doctor said, "Enough."  

4. Early this morning, I made my regular 2-mile walk, this time with earbuds and music on my phone.  The walks have grown very boring, but country music makes the time seem shorter. I don't start walking until the temperature gets above 35, so I don't shower and dress until after---that means I walk in old sweats and the baggiest of hooded sweatshirts.  (I still put a BB cream on my face and eye makeup, which I've worn since I was 15!)

5. The walking is good for me, but I am also very aware that I MUST do something about the belly fat that has accumulated the last two years.  Is 72 too late to do something about that? And just what is the best plan?


Barb said...

Your pink photo makes me smile! My motto is "It's never too late!" You're already getting some exercise, so maybe just smaller portions? I like to imagine you walking in baggy sweats with eye makeup (I gave mine up years ago - the eye make up, not the sweats). Take Care.

Lisa Gordon said...

It sounds like it is becoming spring for you, Evelyn! We actually got all the way up to 22 today, and you'd be amazed at how warm that feels compared to what it has been for most of the past 2 months!!

Ida said...

Enjoy those temps and don't feel guilty. It's been in the 60's here and we didn't even have the snow you had. Summer is going to be long and dry we fear.
It's nice you got the extra cash but I bet it was bittersweet to & wow driving even at age 93 was pretty awesome.
Good for you on the walks. I am walking as well but usually take the dog and do the same route but I'm never bored. I tend to sing while I'm walking though.
It's never to late to start on healthy eating habits. In light of recent events with my husband we are all trying to learn to eat better.

Nancy said...

I admire your dedication to walking...I'm on and off...Something comes up and I'm off again...I too need to address the bellyfat but it seems to get harder each year. I couldn't help but get tickled about the eye make up...I do the same thing...I feel naked without it....I hope you are having a good weekend....

Anonymous said...

The pink roses are lovely.
Temps above 50 sound great. We're finally getting warmer here. Lots of snow melt today.

Nancy said...

I need to get back to some kind of walking routine -- I hurt my back last summer and it called it quits on the running. So happy you joined in this week E. xo