Friday, March 13, 2015

Random Friday

Friday came quickly this week!  I'm joining with Nancy's Random Friday, adding 5 photos this week!

1. We had some rain this week, which I think is going to be important this spring, since we had very little snow during winter.  When the rain transitioned to clear skies again, the clouds were beautiful. This is a view to the southeast -- "above" the valley where I live.

2. I've become the only babysitter for great-niece Kennedy this week: generally, I have her just two days a week after kindergarten, but one grandmother had a hip replacement Monday and the other grandmother went to South Carolina for 8 days.   My husband uses an inversion table almost every day after work, and Kennedy always wants to "hang" too.  Here she's hanging by her ankles...and laughing because her dress has fallen down.

3.I'm doing a lot of "Instagramming" now...some of it for the still life photo course I'm taking.  This is one of my most recent posts:  a hot pink Gerbera daisy with a word overlay.   I bought the Gerberas last week and was pleasantly surprised just how well they stood up to my photography. 

4. For any kind of landscape photography, I have to drive "up and out" of the valley we live in.  Here's a view of our town in Indian Valley.

5. When my niece left Kennedy off this morning, she commented about how pretty the fog is at the edge of town behind the rodeo grounds.  Of course, I had to go and and check!  There's a river behind those trees...and you can see some of the hill that borders the east side of our valley.


thewovenspoke said...

Great post, I miss Oregon. It is fantastic that you are discovering yourself thru photography.

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

enjoyed your pictures :)

Ida said...

1. We had rain here this week too. I'm hoping though it holds off until after my birthday next Friday to rain again. I want the 1st day of spring to be nice.
2. Your niece looks to be having a grand time hanging upside down.
3. Very pretty Gerbera photo.
4 & 5. What great views and neat looking fog. I enjoyed both photos very much.

gtyyup said...

Love the fog photo! Enjoy your weekend~

Barb said...

What an unusual bank of fog! The landscape of your valley is lovely. Kennedy makes me smile, too!

Snap said...

I think fog is magical (as long as I don't have to drive in the stuff). Beautiful gerbera .. the color! Wow! Kennedy i looks like she loves being inverted. Beautiful scenery. Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. That's a cute one of Kennedy.