Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Heron and the Blackbird

I posted this series on Facebook after my husband and I returned from the west side of the state, which included a visit to Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens in SE Portland.  As we were walking across the bridge to leave, my husband pointed out a Blue Heron.  It turns out the heron was involved in an "incident" of sorts, precipitated by the heron's landing on a log too near a redwing blackbird's nest.  "Buzzing" the heron got the heron's attention and concern; repeated harassment resulted in the blackbird hitching a ride on the fleeing heron.


Ida said...

What a great series. You captured these at just the right moment.

Bill said...

Those redwings won't put up with anything! Great series of shots!

Anonymous said...

Amazing series!