Sunday, June 7, 2015

Be Still #21 {Moodboard}

   I was in danger of falling four weeks behind in BeStill_52.  I have been stymied by a variety of things and I knew that I must accomplish something or I would be totally lost!  More than once, I've heard and read about how to handle what seems to be an overwhelming task:  start in the present! Take care of NOW and then worry about the past items. So that's what I did.
   The present "assignment" is a moodboard, so I picked up my scissors, a basket and went out into my yard.  The problem:  it was 93 degrees, 20 degrees higher than just a few days ago.  Too much too soon.  My beautiful peonies are sad, sad, sad.  I do have other blooms, though, so I soon gathered enough. (Only after the photo editing, did I realize that I failed to turn the Aquiesse candle so the "AQ" insignia was right-side-up.)

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Gail Dixon said...

Y'all have 93 degree heat? It's so oppressive here already and the hottest months haven't even started. Ugh. Anyway, I love your mood board (what a great idea)! I never would've noticed the AQ being askew if you hadn't mentioned it. All the items look great on the weathered boards.