Monday, July 6, 2015

Be Still_52 -- Another Painting-Inspired Still Life

For Be Still_52, we have a second week of creating a photo inspired by a painting.  As I was looking through Google's "still-life paintings," I was drawn to the bright blue of the bottles.  I once collected blue glass of all kinds: bottles, glasses, pitchers.  I still have some of those items, particularly the decorative bottles.

There was no identification of the artist who created this colorful painting.  I traced it back as far as I could, but could find no name.

The bottle in front is "vintage," but I don't know the origin.    I purchased some garlic and white mushrooms for props.

All the editing was done in Rad Lab, PS Elements (filter menu), and PicMonkey.


Bridget Larsen said...

love these bottles, reminds me of old medicine bottles

Sandra said...

I love your composition of blue bottles inspired by the painting.

Anonymous said...

What a neat photo project. Love the result.

Anonymous said...

What a neat project. I love the result.

Lisa Gordon said...

The first one?
Truly one of your very, very best, Evelyn.
I think it is just gorgeous!

Petra Pavlátková said...

It's beautiful and inspiring and I love that resemblance between the painting and your image. Great work!