Friday, April 29, 2016

Random 5 Friday

It's dark and rather gloomy here today, which is NOT what I planned for this Friday.  I missed Random 5 last week because we traveled across the state for a mini-vacation and visit with our youngest son and his wife--and dog!  (My husband is ready to retire after 44 years at the same lumber mill; he's starting to complain about things, which he never did before.  We want to finish the last of our mortgage first, so that's another year, and I thought I would just plan little breaks through the year.  He has 5 paid weeks of vacation and never uses it all.)

For Random 5 Friday:

Generally, Kennedy spends every Friday with me.  Today, she stayed in her PJ's for a couple of hours and played a game on my tablet, had breakfast, and then watched an episode of "Cupcake Wars" before showering and dressing for the day.  This afternoon, we will go to the library to return books from two weeks ago and bring home a new stack to read.

On our way home from the west side on Sunday, I bought this lavender "tree" at a garden center.  Isn't it pretty?  Yesterday, I bought a pretty green pot for it. 

I do love my white bleeding hearts.  When one plant didn't seem to thrive one year, I ordered two more.  Now all three are producing pretty white hearts!

These lilacs are on a shrub that was old when we moved to this house 38 years ago.  The "tree" it had formed broke off during a heavy wet snowstorm years ago, but the lilac lives on!  It is now 8 feet tall, half white and half pale lilac from others that I planted.

These are the three colors of lilacs blooming in our backyard.  The deep colored one has never looked this good.  (I planted a Sensation lilac this spring.  It has a purple flower with a white edge.  I have discovered that I'm going to need to cover it with wire because the deer like to nibble on the low, tender shoots.)

Thank you for another Random Friday, Nancy!


Lisa Gordon said...

I cannot believe how quickly Kennedy is growing. She is just precious! It must be so much fun to spend time with here.

I am going to be looking for a white bleeding heart this year. I had two red/pink ones, but white is a rarity around here. I am hoping to find one though.

Even though it's a ways away, that is good news about your husband's retirement! Congratulations to him. And to you!!

Have a great weekend.

Kelly Kardos said...

I love love love lavender. My husband I have about 3 years left till retirement....ohhhh I can taste it! Happy Friday!

Brandi said...

My daughters love cupcake wars! Your flowers are all so beautiful, our lilacs are almost blooming! We had a gloomy day, too. I'm looking forward to seeing the sun again. Have a great weekend!

Ida said...

Kennedy is a cute little girl and it's wonderful that she enjoys reading so much.
Yes we were thinking alike with those White Bleeding Hearts
Never heard of a lavendar tree but I like the looks of it.
Your Lilacs are so pretty. I love the blooms but the smell makes me sneeze.

Cath said...

Hello nice to meet you and what a treat to visit your blog today....I just love all your beautiful blooms...I would love to grow lilac as it was my grandmothers favourite...not that I remember her but my mum often tells me so. I have a pink french lavender and a mulberry coloured one too....they have died off for the winter now but wow they are so pretty.