Friday, May 27, 2016

Random 5 Friday

After skipping last Friday, I'm glad to be back with Random 5 Friday.

 Today is my youngest sister's 67th birthday---yes, my youngest sister!  And it's my husband's and my 38th wedding anniversary.   I have NO idea where those years have gone, but I do know that we have sons who are 36 and 34.   My husband's birthday was on the 24th, so I took him out to dinner last night; our oldest son in New York called the restaurant where we were and paid for our evening.  He's especially thoughtful that way.

My peonies have begun to bloom--a full month early!  I have NEVER had peonies in bloom by Memorial Day, other than an old-fashioned red.  One of the earliest peonies and most prolific is Coral Charm.  This year, there's one pale pink one among the coral ones; it's the only bloom on the plant next to Coral Charm.  

For the past three years, I have photographed the girls who make up the court for the annual local rodeo.  The July rodeo is celebrating 70 years this year and the three girls competing for the title of queen are really fun to work with.  Their "leathers" -- chaps, belts, headstalls and breast collars for horses, saddle blankets--were all made by a young local woman who has a leather business.  

Our local Chamber of Commerce, of which I'm an active member, recently held our 5th annual city-wide free clean up day.  This darling dog was with her owner, who was volunteering with the local Lions Club.  She looked as if she had recently been clipped--not by a professional--but I thought I could detect an Australian Shepherd in her color and features.  

One of the peonies to bloom first was this beautiful pale pink variety.  The flowers smell absolutely wonderful (not all peonies are fragrant).  I spent some time doing some still life photography with three of the flowers before delivering them to the local post office for their enjoyment.  

Thanks for another fun Random Friday, Nancy!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! The peonies are amazing! I have never seen the coral ones. Congrats on your anniversary!

Ida said...

Happy Anniversary - You were such a sweet looking couple in that photo. It's fun to look back on one's wedding photos.
Oh your Peony is so pretty, I like that color.
Nice photo of the Fair court.
That was a handsome looking dog too.

Snap said...

Happy Birthday to your sister and Happy Anniversary to you! Peonies! I'm jealous...I can't grow them where I live. Cute pup and lovely young cowgirls. Have a great week.

Barb said...

Your peonies are so lovely - I love that one pink among the corals! I wish I could smell them... Congratulations on your 38th wedding anniversary. (And a Happy Birthday to your hubby) Wishing you many more.

Lisa Gordon said...

Time just has a way of flying by, doesn't it??
A very Happy Anniversary to both of you, and a very Happy Birthday to Hubby!