Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cold Weather Visitors

Although I feed goldfinches year-round (they do eat an amazing amount of black thistle seed), when there's snow on the ground, the dark-eyed Juncoes descend, as well.   During the storms, I counted at least 50 of these ground-feeding birds.  On each side of the house, I've hung a suet feeder with the woodpeckers in mind.  Starlings like this treat as well, although I'm not fond of them.  Red-shafted Flickers are common here, and I've seen as many as 5 in the maple tree outside the kitchen window.  A Downy woodpecker visits sometimes, as well.


Leslie Miller said...

I never get goldfinches, boo hoo. Other finches, yes. No starlings or flickers, either, but lots of juncoes, chickadees, and sparrows. Some kinglets and thrushes and woodpeckers. Quite a variety of others, as well. Maybe I should try some black thistle seed. It's in the feed I scatter on the ground, but it seems to get left behind by the sparrows and juncoes.

Bill said...

Flickers are fun--- till they start pecking on your house. Great pictures!