Monday, April 3, 2017

Hey Spring!

The country roads are clear of all the snow now (heavy rains took care of that)....and spring is edging closer.  No real warmth yet--it frosts at night and maxes out around 50 during the day.  It's a tease!

Snow still lies in scattered drifts. The blue birdhouse is one of many along the road.

 This old manure spreader is almost intact, wooden frame and iron wheels indicative of its old age.

My first buttercup sighting, always a good sign of spring. 

Another birdhouse among my favorite quaking aspens; this one doesn't seem habitable.

Many areas around this little pond still had drifts of snow. 


Bill said...

Delightful--- and the latest banner is gorgeous. I am getting restless for a trip to the ancestral places on the Dry Side.

Lisa Gordon said...

This sounds pretty much like our weather right now, Evelyn, except that we are having quite a bit of rain. I found my daffodils "peeking" above the soil. :-)

Linda said...

Beautiful series! And your last photo with the amazing reflections needs a frame!