Thursday, June 15, 2017

Peony Season -- too short

The highlight of the flowering season is when the peonies bloom.  Maybe it was because of the long, hard winter, but several of my plants didn't produce any flowers, and those that bloomed didn't have many flowers. There were only a few exceptions.  In another week, I think most of the flowers will be wilting and dropping petals. But I'll enjoy them while I can.


Bill said...

Too short a time---- The neighbor's all fell over and got whacked. Nice shot.

Lisa Gordon said...

My peonies are just now blooming, but I had the same issue here (far fewer buds/blooms) than in previous years. Still, they are looking beautiful, and finally, after 2 years, the one I took with me from our old house bloomed. It is a white one, about 26 years old, and a true beauty.