Monday, October 29, 2018

A Different Direction

Although I live in NE Oregon, I'm not in "the corner."  Wallowa County, on the other hand, IS in the corner...I grew up there.   What we consider the real "corner" of the county is actually to the Wallowa Lake.  We always say "up," but I guess south should be "down." Anyway,  Wallowa Lake is an absolute jewel tucked up against the amazing Wallowa Mountains aka the Eagle Caps. The Wallowa River comes out of the mountains, runs through the state park, and into the lake. It runs for more than 50 more miles northwest through Wallowa County until it joins the Grande Ronde River on the Wallowa-Union county line.  Back to the origin:  Wallowa Lake.
 View of the lake from the foot (north) end

 The Wallowa Lake Highway runs along the east moraine, the remains of a massive glacier.  (I had a college professor tell my class more than 50 years ago that it's "the most perfect moraine in the world."  Over the years, the moraine has been the subject of preservation discussions, and so far, has been protected from development.
 At the south end of Wallowa Lake is the Oregon State Park.  Entrance to the high mountains is obvious here.

 The south end of the lake (north end of the park) features a forest of deciduous trees. The park itself is forested with evergreens.
 View from the south end of the lake.
The Wallowa River runs through the Wallowa State Park and into the Lake where it starts its journey.


Bill said...

It doesn't look like we'll ever get over there--- so I'm very grateful for these excellent images. Thanks, Evelyn!

elizabeth said...

So stunningly beautiful!

Leslie Miller said...

I'm saving these pictures to show Rich. Your blog is like a travel brochure and it's wonderful. Interesting how different the north and south views of the lake are. I see the water level has dropped. Same all over the state, tsk. Beautiful photos, Evelyn.

Ida said...

It's such a beautiful area. Your photos are wonderful and show off it's beauty very well.