Friday, January 11, 2019

Starting a new P52..two weeks late

For 5 years, I participated in Kent Weakley's P52 Challenge.  It involved posting one choice of photo each week for a year; at the end of each year from 2011-2015, I ordered a book of the 52 photos.  Mr. Weakley ended his blog challenge in 2016, and I ended my annual photo book creation.  I've decided to do my own P52 Challenge for 2019, starting just a bit late. My first post will include two photos.

Week #1   A drive across Cricket Flat north of town last week resulted in this image of a split rail fence piled in snow.

Week #2  I love photographing trees, and I have several "favorites"--they are quite close to home. This particular one is about 25 miles from home, in the valley where I grew up.  This tree once had a huge wooden barn standing close to it, but that collapsed years ago.  I love how the cattle provide scale for this giant pine tree. 


Bill said...

Both lovely! Well done!

Electric | Journal said...

Nice! I so envy the wild country around you... and your snow. We came close a few days ago, but a storm brought in wet, warm temperatures. Sigh.