Sunday, February 10, 2019

Leap Lane

Leap Lane is a "back way" from Wallowa to Enterprise...through the countryside.  I believe the road must be generally parallel to Hwy 82, but it's definitely rural.  I've always wanted to drive it during the winter; I decided it was rather boring because of the wide open fields of snow!  My car had to have a serious wash when we finished.

 This is the road...frozen snow and mud
 Single pine trees dotted the first part of the lane
 One of the prettiest corners...the road runs through trees

 That road again!

About 10 head of mule deer were bedded down in a teasel patch

This old pickup was shot full of holes years ago; it's the most photographed scene on Leap Lane
So much space and covered in snow.


Bill said...

Evelyn, I wish there were some way I could express just how much I like these. Each one is wonderful. I especially like the single pine next to the road--your edit is spectacular. But your work is spectacular on all of them!

Barb said...

I'm glad you journeyed on the muddy, snowy road to get these photos. The lone pine reminds me of a Japanese painting. I love the negative space in these photos.

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, that road... I can imagine the mess. Nevertheless, you got some beautiful photos. I do love the old truck. For me, the shot of the day is the deer in the teasel. I have to tell you, I thought it was a rabbit until I read your words. Looks a little like a rabbit, doesn't it? Hey, I'm not as bad as Rich one day when we were out walking in the wild. He mistook a field of geese for deer. We had a good laugh.