Tuesday, April 9, 2019

P52 Week #13 Week #14 and Week #15

I am behind!  When I took part in P52 projects in years past, I rarely missed a weekly post.  But that was before we had a grandchild who lives across the state, and it was before my husband retired.  However, I am catching up for the late weekly posts.

Several years ago, I followed Kim Klassen's blog and purchased many of her textures for photographs. Then I took some of her online classes.  I do miss the days when everyone had blogs! Facebook and Instagram are great, but they just don't do justice to card-making and my opinion.  Whatever, I do like to add textures to photos now and then.  This week's P52 choice is one of those.  I used sunflowers from the grocery store, old books, and a great old lard can from Athena, Oregon, which is "over the mountain."

WEEK #13

WEEK #14 
These trees are perpendicular to the highway, so it's necessary to turn on a country road to get the full effect. 

WEEK #15
SPRING!   We spent 4 days in Hillsboro when the trees were blooming...magnolias, flowering cherry trees, weeping cherry trees (I think) several other flowering shrubs. But it rained!  It poured!  I couldn't photograph anything, but the day we left, we had coffee at Human Bean and then I walked over to this amazing tree in the parking lot next to a Goodwill store, just to photograph the pinkness of spring.  I knew it wouldn't be available in NE Oregon.  


Bill said...

Those are quite beautiful, but the middle one is my fave! It's funny how the time slips away...

Barb said...

Evelyn, You're allowed to be late when you are spending time with a grandchild! I always love your tree shots - so majestic in the whitescape. Happy (pink) spring! It's snowing here.