Monday, June 10, 2019

P52 - Week #21 Hardy Road

One advantage of living in a rural area is the opportunity to travel multiple country roads that take one to all corners.  I have driven many of them multiple times; visiting during the different seasons provides the variety. One road is Hardy Road, so named because much of the land bordering the road is owned by members of the Hardy family. It's a dead-end road, so driving in also means turning around at the end and driving back the same direction.  No loop road here.  The yellow lupine was in full bloom, as was the arrowleaf balsamroot.  Probably the main attraction on this road, other than the late spring bloom, is a very old Ford pickup, maybe from the 1930's.  The last date on the license plate is 1947, and I know it has been sitting in that field for a very long time, subject to all the elements.   Another big attraction this county road provides is a beautiful view of the mountains at the far south end of neighboring Grande Ronde Valley, with Mt. Harris and Mt. Emily in between.

P52 - Week #21

The dry bank beside the road was loaded with lupine and balsamroot blossoms; I acquired my first (and I hope only) tick of the season by crawling around with my camera.

The ancient Ford pickup; 1934 sticks in my mind, but I would have to confirm that with the owner. (The pickup is a 1927 model.)

The view south, Mt. Harris on the left and Mt. Emily on the far right--"guardians" of the north end of the Grande Ronde Valley.

 Mt. Harris
Most probably the Elkhorn Mountains in the distance.  Indian Valley and the Grande Ronde Valley are hidden by hills.


Bill said...

That first shot is a knockout! I think the barbed wire adds a lot to the composition. Well done! We don't travel as much as we used to, and I may never get to your part of Oregon- as much as I'd like to. I'm glad I can see your pictures.

Barb said...

What beautiful landscapes! I love those clouds in hte last pic.The yellow lupine are gorgeous - our wild ones here are purple. We found a tick in our bathroom this AM - one of us must have brought it in on clothing. Ugh!