Tuesday, July 9, 2019

P52 - Week #26

Summer hasn't been the same this that, I mean that we've had very few hot days. I suppose that's a positive in many ways, but after 4 months of snow, we're ready for some heat.  When hot days do come, we can generally count on a summer thunderstorm, as well.  The one in this photo rolled in from the southeast, moving across the Grande Ronde Valley, skirting Mt. Fanny and Mt. Harris (foreground).

I'm caught up with my P52 weekly images...and this is rodeo week!  There are photo opportunities galore.


Michelle said...

That is a beautiful skyline.

Bill said...

A beautiful place. I wish I were there right now, snapping away!

Electric | Journal said...

Love this shot... thunderstorms and mountains, what a photo opportunity!