Sunday, October 6, 2019

Views on the Mountain and Week #40 of P52

Looking through the 40 images I've selected for my 2019 Photo Book, I see several landscape images; it's simply a natural choice, considering where I live.  My latest sightseeing trip was on another mountain road...this one paved because it's a primary Forest Service road.  We turned around 20 miles in, at the end of the pavement.  Although fall colors aren't all showing yet, there are berries and red bushes to break up the standard green and blue.

Week #40 


Bill said...

Lovely--- I am glad you've done this series of pictures this year.

Austendevotee said...

What a wonderful selection of photos! My favorite is the tree trunk with patches of moss. Great job!

Michelle said...

You have captured perfect shades of fall. I especially like the pops of red color.

Barb said...

I love those white berries. They remind me of eyes. Sounds like you're starting with fall as I'm finishing it. Snow due tonight.