Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Deep Into the Quarantine

I'm back into photography; my rehab for the new hip has progressed as well as my age allows (tough realization) and the social distancing allows lots of car rides in our rural area.  I also purchased a new lens, one that weighs a ton!  It's a Sigma 150-600 mm.  I haven't used it very often because I really want to get out and take some time.  However, I have used it in my kitchen to photograph hummingbirds on the feeder outside.  

This is a black chinned male; generally, I see one early in the spring and then he's gone.  Not this year.  This guy was terrorizing the feeder when I shot these images. 

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Bill said...

Ah, Evelyn-- wonderful pictures. Laura bought a new 70-300 Canon lens, and I inherited her old one, also a Canon. I'm out of practice with a really long lens. I've been working with my reserve of pictures for a while, staying with the same week of the same month, but a different year. I'm glad you're getting around better.