Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Another Saturday Drive

We are fortunate to live on the borders of two national forests: the Umatilla and Wallowa-Whitman. Forest Service roads are numerous and in decent shape for vehicles designed for off-road ventures. This time of year is especially beautiful because the landscape is newly green and lush. And elevation of 5000+ feet means that things stay greener longer, too...once the snow has melted.

These photos were taken in Umatilla National Forest.
 At more than one point along Summit Road, which travels east to west across Mt. Emily in the Blue Mountains, there is a view of the huge Grande Ronde Valley.

 There are so many star-shaped white wildflowers in the Audubon Society's Field Guide but I can't distinguish which one this is. The leaves should help in identification, but they didn't help me!

 These beautiful buds are forming at the ends of branches on a fir on green in Spring.

 Along this particular Forest Service Road, there are remains of a wooden-fenced area and a corral.

 I love this time of year in the mountains, when various wildflowers spread across the landscape.

 This odd little flower is Elegant Cat's Ear  aka Star Tulip. Theoretically, it grows only in southeastern Washington and northeastern Oregon to western Montana.

Canyon upon canyon ... close to the Umatilla Canyon

The slopes of canyons are dotted with bright yellow lupine, much more vibrant than the yellow lupine growing on dry hills. 

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Leslie Miller said...

Oh, thank you, Evelyn! If I can't be there in person, at least I can enjoy a drive in the mountains with you. Beautiful!