Thursday, November 19, 2020

Winter in Wallowa County

 I love photographing winter, but we haven't really had any yet where I live.  The neighboring county of Wallowa, however, had some serious snow a couple of weeks ago.  (Only recently, high winds and rain took most of the snow.)  

Beginning the descent into the Minam/Wallowa Canyon for 20 miles. 
From the Middle Valley of the Wallowa, impressive cloud formations are visible over the Wallowas.
This is a two-part photo:  When I photographed this, I wanted to capture the snow blowing at the top. 
A telephoto lens captures that blowing snow. 
This is a different view of the Wallowa Mountains, so impressive when it snows. 
The "foot" of Wallowa Lake 
This view is from the foot of the lake looking to the west. 
The drive to the head of the lake took us through dreamy areas of snow blowing from trees. 
One of the picnic areas of Wallowa Lake State Park, located at the south end of Wallowa Lake. 


Bill said...

Wonderful pictures, Evelyn!

Ida said...

A winter wonderland for sure. Beautiful pictures.