Saturday, January 29, 2011

The fascinating Sea Holly

After finding this fascinating plant in the landscape of a local custom construction company, I ordered some for myself---to arrive this spring! (I must admit they are quite ugly when they finish blooming!)
  Sea Holly:  
Eryngium maritimum is a perennial wildflower found along European seacoasts, and although its natural habitat is widespread, it is an endangered species. The flowers of E. maritimum are hermaphrodite, so the plant is self-fertile. It is also pollinated by bees, flies, beetles.  (The bee in this photo is having a feast!)

I'm linking up to Macro Flowers Saturday with this photo from my flower archives. 


Maia said...

What a gorgeous macro, you made them more beautiful than they really are.

Unknown said...

Wow great looking plant.
Greetings from Finland

Regina said...

Very pretty!
Happy new week.