Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Covid and Construction

My photography has been seriously affected by a case of Covid; I'm not really sick, but I'm contagious.  (My husband has tested negative, twice!)  Our kitchen was under serious renovation with new countertops and a beautiful backsplash.  In order to get it completed as planned, I spent 14 hours in 3 days in the bedroom, so I wouldn't infect the contractors.  That meant no outside still life photograph in the extra editing on the computer.   Until now!   Everything is completed and we're thrilled.  I still have a couple of days remaining for my quarantine. 

This is a still life I created at the end of December. The decorative pieces were a gift from a former student..and now adult friend. 

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Bill said...

I honor you for your concern for others-- something lacking in too many these days-- The picture is beautiful. I hope you will be totally free of the virus soon.