Saturday, January 1, 2022

It's 2022--for real!

 This morning, the temperatures in our area ranged from -12 to -25.  We have a foot of snow from an unusual late December storm last week.  Tomorrow, we're supposed to have high winds and possibly more snow.  It's all a little crazy!


Bill said...

29 now---- Supposed to be 36 and raining by the time I get up tomorrow. That will take care of our snow. It's overstayed its welcome! Your picture is glorious! Stay warm Evelyn.

Ida said...

Happy New Year Evelyn. - It was so good to see you are posting again.
I've been a little slack about it the last couple of years myself but am hoping to do better this year. - This photo is really lovely. You got a little colder then we did here in Walla Walla although we did get pretty cold and had a bunch of snow.