Saturday, May 7, 2022

Birds are Back

I love seeing the first hummingbirds of the season.  Obviously, hummers don't stay in this climate year-round.  Tax Day is the standard date the first one usually shows up to my feeders.  Even with spring arriving with measurable snow this year, the hummingbird feeder was up in time for the first birds.  We've had days of heavy rain (and freezing night temps coming) but the hummingbirds are busy as can be at the feeders.  I love it when three actually share!    Today, I had a rare visitor...actually two pairs...Lazuli Buntings.  

This black-chinned hummingbird had a tiny bug stuck on his bill when he came for a drink.

 There was plenty of color on the feeder with a red House Finch and the Lazuli Bunting.

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Bill said...

Great catches of these marvelous beauties!