Thursday, June 23, 2022

Truly Spring!

 For what seemed like months, we had rain, rain, rain.  The temperature stayed under 70---which was a big change from last year when June temperatures set records.  Everything has grown like crazy, grass, flowers, and weeds!  

This is Indian Valley, where my hometown of Elgin is located.  Every season, I drive north several miles to get this view. The mountain that borders the south end of the valley is Mt. Harris. (Actually, Mt. Harris is at the northeast end of the huge Grande Ronde Valley.)

15 miles north of town, cattle are truly up to their bellies in grass. 

Wild lupine blooms an abandon during spring; yellow lupine is earlier than my favorite purple. 

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Bill said...

You have accurately described what happened to our place--- Amazing growth, and an amazing amount to work to do! I love your pictures.