Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Back through the Gorge

 Another quick weekend trip to Hillsboro (the only time we get to spend time with our only grandchild)...and back through the Columbia River Gorge.  Between May and September, travel on Historic Highway 30 through the Gorge is controlled with passes.  The traffic and illegal parking had become a real issue, so we just avoided the "old highway" this summer.  This last visit, however, we took our sweet time from Troutdale to The Dalles.   The parking lots for the individual falls were all full except for Horsetail Falls (there was a wedding there).  

The view of Vista House from Women's Forum near Coburg, Oregon 

  Looking west toward Portland instead of east from The Women's Forum.

I LOVE the historic guard rails that border the Historic Highway. 

The Oneonta Gorge was one of the most beautiful of gorges until the devastating Eagle Creek Fire.  Now the area is behind a high fence. 

The Oneonta Tunnel, built of cedar, was a victim of the Eagle Creek Fire but was rebuilt and reopened to the public.  Oh, the smell of cedar!  

Horsetail Falls was the only falls where there was parking available on the Monday we drove home. 

The Bighorn sheep are in the rut and there was a lot of activity along the freeway.  We are so focused on finding the sheep, and this trip was not a disappointment.  It requires screeching to a stop in the narrow shoulder next to the guardrail, while freeway traffic roars past.  There's enough room for a camera out the window, however. 

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Bill said...

I'm so glad that the tunnel was rebuilt. It's been a while since we were through the Gorge and I thank you for these pictures.