Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

I haven't adopted any two sons are grown...and I don't even have any grandchildren, but I do have this darling great-niece, who will be 2 years old on December 1.   Today,  I'm linking up with Sunday Snapshot.

Any yogurt will do!

Just pretending to nap.


jillconyers said...

Adorable photos and I'm guessing she really likes yogurt.

SouthernSass said...

Love the curls!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Is she precious or what? Thanks for introducing us to her. Those adorable little curls made my day.

Stefanie said...

Awww, she's a doll!! She looks like an easy-going gal.. my favorite kind :)
Happy Sunday!

Chris said...

What a cu-tie!!!!

Love the curls!! :)

Elizabeth said...

She's adorable and what awesome hair she has! And she looks a lot like my son looks when he's eating yogurt - covered in it!

Donna said...

She is just beautiful! What a doll!
Thank you for sharing, and thank you for visiting our blog, too!