Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sweet Shot(s) on the spur of the moment

I couldn't come up with a Sweet Shot for Darcy's Tuesday challenge:  it's so darned cold outside and I hate being cold!  Then I saw the sunset over the mountains to the west, so decided to rush out to my car and drive to a location unspoiled by power lines.  As I grabbed a camera, I caught some movement out my family room window.  Some of the town's resident Mule deer, who have been wandering freely along the snow-covered streets and down the sidewalks....and into people's yards...were checking out the birdseed under my bird feeders.    The quality of the photos is lacking:  it was almost dark and I was leaned over the couch, shooting through the window.


Margaret Bednar said...

How fun and fascinating - and they just jump right over with ease. Love it.

Susan said...

They look so cute, but I imagine could be quite a nuisance.