Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My World during the second weekend in July

Rodeo in small-town America----NE Oregon, to be exact.  It's a four-day event here and this was the 65th anniversary. Linking to My World.  (Each photo enlarges with a click.)

Stock contractors transport the bucking horses and bulls from  across the state.

The clown's miniature burro acted much like a dog.

Three of my great-nieces in the Kiddies' Parade

Every rodeo has a queen

"Dad's Velvet" is the name of this white saddle bronc that helped the cowboy win third place in the event.

Steer wrestling

A saddle bronc rider takes an unceremonious spill

When both knees are above the saddle, it's not a good sign!

Steer wrestling requires  a good horse and a strong cowboy


missing moments said...

That is some tough bronco riding! Great captures!

Tricia ♥Barn Charmer♥ said...

These are great shots & most definitely a strong cowboy needed for that kind of work! YiKeS! =)

Lesley said...

Fabulous shots. this looks so exciting!

Laura said...

What an amazing event. You have captured some wonderful moments. I would love to be able to photography this.

Ever Green Tree said...

Wow! Yous world has been super exciting with horses n riding galore...Lovely shots! I love horses n even learnt to ride back as a kid.

Kel said...

what a memorable image and comment..."when both knees are above the saddle it's not a good sign"


lisa said...

These are fantastic shots Evelyn, and I am guessing not easy to get.
So nicely done!!

Indrani said...

Wow! Great action shots.

Ashley Sisk said...

Oh how fun - I haven't been to one of these in years.

Rosie said...

Wow, what a great selection of photos, Evelyn! Wonderful action! I also love the vintage tones! Thanks so much for sharing!

Courtney said...

GREAT photos! Looks like a lot of fun!

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, how totally fun, Evelyn--I've never been to a rodeo!! It looks fantastic!

I hope you're having a great day!! (I can't get to so many blogs either! lol)


joco deane said...

You didn't waste any time now, did you :-)
And a whole new decor to honour the post.