Saturday, October 13, 2012

Madge's Meme is One Year Old!

I've participated in Madge's Weekly Top Shot for several months, but not for the entire year it has lived in Blog Land.  For this post, I've chosen an image I captured early one morning this week:  a herd of elk wanting to move from harvested sunflower fields back into timber on higher ground.   However, my brother-in-law was in one car and I in another on the road between the field and the timber.  My goal was to photograph the elk.  They stayed as far from me as they could, with the herd bull keeping them gathered together.   The early sunlight, the elk, and the dust they stirred up in the field resulted in this image. (Ten minutes after we left, the herd was back on higher ground. Each morning since, I have driven out right before sunrise with my camera, but the elk are very wary.)

Satellite bull breaks away from the herd, heading for higher ground
 The photos below were taken at 7 this morning (Saturday)
Minutes behind the herd, this cow elk crosses the road
Cow stops to assess the situation; the herd is hundreds of yards ahead of her.

The following is a poem sent to me by Jules Paige after this post appeared:

Great Spirit
Autumn dust settles on my spirit
Brother and Sister Elk set upon an Oregon trail
I walk in covered skin,
My soul bearing the chill

Great Spirit
Hear my request
Let my voice be heard, and keep me safe
Allow me to walk comfortably
My soul warmed by the suns distant flames

Great Spirit
I am but one of many
Witnessing the changing of the seasons
Let my pace be moderate and simple
My soul sharing your grace



Madge Bloom said...

Yes, the trees are a 'tree' farm... Oh I love these images! Roosevelt Elk are so majestic... I love how they kicked up some dust, really creating a certain mood in the early light... Thank you so much Evelyn, for sharing on 'Weekly Top Shot #52,' my meme's first anniversary!

Kay said...

These are wonderful! I especially love the golden look of the first one. (There are a couple of elk herds in our region, but they roam on the other side of town from where we live.)

Justine said...

wow these shots are amazing, I have never seen an elk before!

Danielle said...

Wow. That is incredible.

Rosemary Aubut said...

Gorgeous photos!

rainfield61 said...

Morning light is always beautiful.

And this is proved in your pictures.

A wondering star said...

Beautiful post!
We have to get up early to get such dream images, I love these beautiful deer!
Here in Norway called male "Forest King".
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Victoria Porter said...

I absolutely LOVE that first image... all are nice but the first one is simply amazing. I enjoyed my visit to your post for Weekly Top Shot! (mine is #59)

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

The golden tones in the first two images are amazing. How cool that you have elk to photograph!

Awena Robert said...

Hi Evelyn,

The first photo is amazing, with the golden dust colour and the tranquility that reigns in that field. Lovely.

Have a good week.

hamilton said...

I always get very excited when i see wildlife, but I don't get to see whole herds! said...

Beautiful captures of these magnificent animals!

Daryl said...

wonderful post and photos!

Emily S said...

Wow...what the sight!

Jules said...

Thanks for your kindness on my Ode to Garlic over at Ms. Becky's blog -
Your photos are also inspirational.
Would you mind if I visited and perhaps put inspired short verse in your comment area or I could just e-mail them to you.

Cheers, Jules

Candy C. said...

They are such magnificent animals! The first picture is just amazing, it all came together perfectly!! :)

Anne Payne said...


These are impressive shots! You are truly blessed to live someplace where you can view these striking creatures.

Nancy Claeys said...

Although the elk didn't cooperate with you, I think the faraway shots are more impressive.

I'm in love with these images, Ev. I admire your tenacity.

Ida said...

Super shots of the Elk. I haven't seen any in the wild for some time now. Of course I haven't driven out where there might actually be any either but I'm loving your great shots.