Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year -- A New Project 52

The last month of 2013 was so compressed:  Thanksgiving was late; December arrived right after and then it was Christmas and New Year's Day!   I almost missed the deadline for Week 1 of Project 52 and Sweet Shot Tuesday for 2014.  This morning, I took a drive on one of the country roads nearby, noticing the water drops on weeds when I was turning around at the end of my photo excursion.


Gail Dixon said...

Everything just seemed crammed in at the end, didn't it? Compressed is a good word. Ai yi yi, glad it's over. Very pretty shot of the water drops. The color is so soothing.

Lisa Gordon said...

I think this is gorgeous, Evelyn!
I love the simplicity and the tones.

Jeanne said...

Love the sepia tones in this! Lovely find, and peaceful after the rush of the holidays

Angel Blue said...

That is beautiful

Linda/patchwork said...

Very pretty.
The last month was compressed. It went by really fast.
Happy New Year!